Front-end design and development

JavaScript is my specialty.

User Interface Designs & Concepts

Site design used for a Canadian business, General Flooring. Desgined in 2010.
One of the original Hiyaus site concepts. Designed in 2012.
The original design used for Bob's Rod & Tackle. Designed in 2008.
An AJAX Chatroom concept. Designed in 2010.
The original design used on Used heavily modified Twitter Bootstrap. Designed in 2012.
Concept for 404 error page with humor in mind. Designed in 2012.
Example site used to document a Timezone class that I wrote in PHP. Designed in 2010.

Logo Designs & Concepts

Designed in 2013, this is a new iteration of the Big Ross Labs logo to be used.
A side project, LinkBin was a free tool to shorten URLs which is no longer in service. Designed in 2009.
An open source project that was deprecated. Designed in 2011.
A logo for a wiki with details about Mercury Cougars and Ford Contours. Designed in 2009.
Concept logo for a forum about iPhone modifications. Designed in 2008.
The logo used by Bob's Rod & Tackle, a local business. Designed in 2008.
This is the logo for Big Ross Labs that was designed in Q3 2012.
Logos created for an upcoming vlog called luckEraven. Designed in Q2 2013.
Basic logo designed for a local DJ business. Designed in 2008.
Big Ross Labs logo from Q1 2012.
The original logo design for Hiyaus. Designed in 2011.
A side project of mine that was more of a concept. Designed in 2011.
The final logo design that was used by Hiyaus. Designed in 2012.

Misc. Designs & Concepts

An HTML5 design of a map used for Designed in 2012.
My avatar based off the 2012 design of Designed in 2012.
Another Hiyaus Cloud diagram as a banner that was used on the site. Designed in 2012.
A concept banner for Slooza. Designed in 2009.
Another concept for the error pages on Hiyaus's website. Deisgned in 2012.
Informational banner created to promote ShoutCloud on Designed in 2010.
The header for e-mails sent out by Hiyaus incorporating the cloud design. Designed in 2012.
A Hiyaus Cloud diagram used for promotional purposes. Designed in 2012.