Over the years I have built different variations of my personal website and for 2021, I wanted to do it again.

What's New?

Everything. Compared to my last basic-version of my website, this new site was built from the ground up using different technology to support new features and to be used as a deep learning exercise. My old site was designed to look like VSCode with each "file" tab being a different section of the site.

While it was neat, it wasn't practical and lacked much of the structure needed to be good at SEO. It was the first time I built a statically generated version of my site.

Jump to 2021 where I built out a brand new site that is still statically generated but with so much more room for growth. This site is now utilizing Gatsby, React, and pulling content from a headless CMS — Contentful. I've been extremely happy with the results!

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