# Kyle Ross
Glad you made it this far. Now a little bit about me... I've been programming since middle school, started with BASIC, moved into the web with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Once I became decent, I started a business where I was building websites and apps for local businesses while finishing out my years in high school. I've since worked for excellent companies and worked diligently to get to where I am today. I have several open source packages living in NPM and manage a ton of different applications. I'm always open to new opportunities that are remote or local to me. I fancy JavaScript (not Java; these are two completely different things!), Node and anything on the web.
I'm a father of 2 awesome kids and I enjoy deer hunting, auto mechanics, and anything technology related.
## Find Me on the Interwebs
## Contact Info
Feel free to contact me via e-mail. If you are going to contact me about a job, please keep the following in mind before you hit the submit button:
- I **really** enjoy JavaScript and Node and would like to stick to it.
- I live outside of Charlotte and prefer to work outside of Charlotte.
- I'm not looking for a job, but I will entertain the idea.
- No, I probably do not know someone who will be a fit for your C# role...
Shoot me an email at: thejavascriptguy@gmail.com