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Computer Diagnostics

$30 per hour *

Whether your computer is experiencing booting issues, plagued by a virus, or simply not performing at its optimal speed, I am here to expertly diagnose and resolve all your concerns. With an extensive 19 years of experience, rest assured you're in the capable hands of your new tech guy. Enjoy peace of mind with clear and transparent pricing, backed by my worry-free guarantee.

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Computer Diagnostics

What is computer diagnostics?

Computer diagnosis is akin to the comprehensive assessment a mechanic conducts when you bring your vehicle in for service. Just as a mechanic identifies issues with your vehicle, I meticulously diagnose computer problems, ensuring a precise understanding of the underlying issues. If, for instance, your computer encounters trouble booting into Windows, rest assured that I invest the necessary time to pinpoint and resolve the root cause accurately from the outset. In the event that the diagnosis reveals the need for additional services, you can trust that I won't charge for the diagnosis if it takes less than an hour. It's a commitment to thorough diagnostics and transparent service, ensuring your computer receives the attention it deserves.

The common diagnostic tasks I address, but not limited to, are:

  • Identifying the root cause behind a computer's failure to turn on or boot.
  • Conducting a comprehensive hardware examination to pinpoint faults.
  • Scrutinizing installed software for potential viruses, malware, or factors contributing to sluggish performance.
  • Verifying the correct configuration of the system.
  • Thorough manual testing of individual components.
  • Conducting in-depth scans to detect viruses and malware.


$30 per hour

* My labor fee is a straightforward $30 per hour. Charges are applicable only when actively engaged with your device, excluding periods where processes or specific activities occur independently. The pricing for most common services already incorporates the general labor cost, although diagnostic time remains a separate charge when required. In the event that a diagnosis leads to the utilization of another service, diagnostic time less than an hour will be exempt from charges. To ensure transparency, I do not bill for fractions of an hour, with a minimum charge of 30 minutes at $15. Your satisfaction and fair pricing are my priorities, reflecting a commitment to providing clear and equitable service.

Worry-free Guarantee

Your satisfaction is my #1 priority. This is why all of my services come with a minimum of a 30-day no BS guarantee and warranty.

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