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Computer Upgrades

Starting at $20 * + Parts, if required

Elevate your computer's performance with enhancements such as a solid-state drive, expanded memory, upgraded graphics, or a new processor—all within my specialized expertise. With an extensive 19 years of experience, rest assured you're in the capable hands of your new tech guy. Enjoy peace of mind with clear and transparent pricing, backed by my worry-free guarantee.

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Computer Upgrades

What are computer upgrades?

Over time, your computer may begin to show signs of aging, such as sluggish performance or slow boot times. Rather than replacing your entire system, consider upgrading specific components to improve overall performance and extend the lifespan of your computer. Computer upgrades encompass a range of hardware improvements, such as installing a faster processor (CPU), increasing memory (RAM), upgrading to a solid state drive (SSD) or upgrading your graphics card (GPU). These upgrades can breathe new life into your computer, allowing you to enjoy improved performance and responsiveness without the need for a new system.

The common upgrade tasks I address, but not limited to, are:

  • Upgrading your computer’s processor (CPU) to improve overall performance.
  • Migration from a hard disk drive (HDD) to a solid state drive (SSD) for faster boot times and improved responsiveness.
  • Improve graphics performance by upgrading your computer’s graphics card (GPU).


  • HDD to SSD Upgrade (Popular!)

    $60Per Drive, Plus Parts

    Many computers still use a hard disk drive (HDD) that uses mechanical spinning disks to read and write data on your computer. These drives are slow and prone to failure due to moving parts. A solid state drive (SSD) uses memory chips to store data up-to 500 times faster than an HDD. An SSD will decrease boot-up times and improve the overall speed and responsiveness of your computer. I will transfer all of your data for you. No wonder why it’s the most popular upgrade!

  • Memory (RAM) Upgrade

    $20Plus Parts

    RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory, is a type of computer memory that is used to store data that the computer's processor (CPU) is actively working on or needs to access quickly. RAM is a volatile memory, meaning that its contents are erased when the computer is powered off or restarted. This is important for your computer to be able to quickly access data it needs without needing to read and write from a hard disk. Nowadays, computers need at least 8GB of RAM to work effectively with today’s demanding software.

  • Desktop Graphics (GPU) Upgrade

    $40Plus Parts

    Graphics cards (GPU) are used by the computer to generate the images displayed on your screen. Some applications and many games demand higher-end GPUs to render images and increase performance. GPUs have been one of the top upgrade items in desktop PCs in the last 10 years because of the evolution of games, software, and mining cryptocurrency.

  • Processor (CPU) Upgrade

    $60Plus Parts

    The processor (CPU) is the brain of the computer. They become slow and outdated over time and may need to be upgraded. Not all computers can have their CPU upgraded and some may require additional parts, but it will provide the best overall performance boost.

  • Other Upgrades

    $30Per hour

    Whether you need better cooling, more power for your graphics card, or a new motherboard, I can help ensure your computer is running at its best. I can also help with software upgrades, such as operating systems and applications.

* My labor fee is a straightforward $30 per hour, although specific services are priced with a flat fee, without hourly labor charges (unless otherwise noted). These prices do not include the cost of parts, software, or supplies needed to upgrade your computer. Any parts, software, or supplies will be purchased at the best market cost and added to your invoice without any additional markup.

Worry-free Guarantee

Your satisfaction is my #1 priority. This is why all of my services come with a minimum of a 30-day no BS guarantee and warranty.

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