DataDog Events

Send events to DataDog without needing DogStatsD or StatsD by utilizing the DataDog API.

DataDog is a great platform for monitoring your infrastructure and processes. One of the features, "Events", is a powerful tool to allow your processes to post events to DataDog in which you may alert on, create dashboards with, or just have a running history of certain events that happen within a process. By default, DataDog likes to send events using DogStatsD or StatsD that is installed and running on the server. In certain cases such as containers or serverless functions, it's difficult or impossible to install and run either one of those processes. That's where this package comes in.

Utilizing the available DataDog API, this package allows a process to send an Event to DataDog from within the process. Originally built to support sending Events within Lambda functions, this package can be used in any environment where you may not want to or cannot install DogStatsD.