Remove unwanted files and directories from your node_modules folder in environments where disk space and the number of files matter.

ModClean is a utility that finds and removes unnecessary files and folders from your node_modules directory based on predefined and custom glob patterns. This utility comes with both a CLI and a programmatic API to provide customization for your environment. ModClean is used and tested in an Enterprise environment.


There are a few different reasons why you would want to use ModClean:

  • Commiting Modules. Some environments (especially Enterprise), it's required to commit the node_modules directory with your application into version control. This is due to compatibility, vetting and vunerability scanning rules for open source software. This can lead to issues with project size, checking out/pulling changes and the infamous 255 character path limit if you're unlucky enough to be on Windows or SVN.
  • Wasted space on your server. Why waste space on your server with files not needed by you or the modules?
  • Packaged applications. If you're required to package your application, you can reduce the size of the package quickly by removing unneeded files.
  • Compiled applications. Other tools like, NW.js and Electron make it easy to create cross-platform desktop apps, but depending on the modules, your app can become huge. Reduce down the size of the compiled application before shipping and make it faster for users to download.
  • Save space on your machine. Depending on the amount of global modules you have installed, you can reduce their space by removing those gremlin files.
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