I'm involved in the Open Source community and always looking for fun side-projects to build. Here's some details on my projects, both small and big.

Open Source

Lambda LogNPM Package
Basic logging mechanism for Node.js Lambda Functions and other AWS services which produces logs in JSON format for easier reading through Cloudwatch Logs.
ModCleanCLI Tool
Remove unwanted files and directories from your node_modules folder in environments where disk space and the number of files matter.
Kinesis EventsNPM Package
AWS Kinesis event parser and handler for Lambda consumers. Ability to parse Kinesis events with error handling and JSON support.
Await HandlerNPM Package
A simple package to help ease the pain of catching errors when using async/await. This provides error handling similar to Golang.
iTunes FeedNPM Package
Generates and retrieves JSON feeds from iTunes for various different services. A programmatic version of the iTunes RSS Feed Generator.
Video HashNPM Package
Algorithm to fingerprint videos with relatively high accuracy with a single hash by capturing screenshots at particular intervals and hashing the pixels of each one.
DataDog EventsNPM Package
Send events to DataDog without needing DogStatsD or StatsD by utilizing the DataDog API.
Windows CPUNPM Package
Various utilities to retrieve CPU data on Windows machines within Node.js.
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Closed Source

Over the years I have built different variations of my personal website and for 2021, I wanted to do it again.
Hi-Chew Store LocatorWeb App
Created the store locator for the Hi-Chew website. Built using Vue, PHP, and MySQL to be integrated into a WordPress site.